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About This Project

A 30 foot long “wall” of handcrafted white marble screens stands seven feet high at the showroom’s entrance, creating a sense of scale, and of mystery, as the screen’s square cut-outs provide tantalizing glimpses of the interior. The square motif of the screens, taken from the French furniture company’s logo, is a modern interpretation of the age old craft of hand carved stone work. A white marble floor, handcrafted in three different finishes, and white hand plastered walls, define the envelope of space in the 13,000-square-foot showroom.The high touch, white on white envelope becomes a museum-like environment which allows the furniture to take on a heightened sense as a designed object. The luxurious, handcrafted elements form a sensual juxtaposition to the modern, streamlined design elements used throughout the space, and to the modern furniture on display.